FAQ- What is the process?

1- Before you visit our studio or location of your choice, we will do either a Zoom or conference call. This will help us get an idea of what you would like and also help us collaborate with you. We want to make sure we answer all your questions.

2- Hair and Makeup: this is an option some of our clients do before the shoot, but many choose to do their own. We recommend using a hair and makeup artist.

3- Arrival: When you arrive at our studio, we will have light refreshments and water for you as we start by chatting about the process of the day. We will have already collaborated on the furniture setups and props.

4- The Session: We pose everything from start to finish. Some of our clients very happy for us to do this. Others get into the swing of the session and just have fun posing and exploring the experience themselves. We go with the flow!

Depending on your session, you will have 2-4 wardrobe changes. Each outfit takes approx. 30 mins with many different poses.

5- After: Once the shoot is over, you can expect to get your proofs in 2 weeks. You will select your choices in the comfort of your home and let us know of your choices. We will then retouch your selections.

You will be able to purchase a varied of items like prints, wall hangings and albums from our professional printing service we work with.

1- What should I wear FAQ?

This link provides all the answers you may have on what to wear and more.

2- Link to additional questions and answers.

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